Water Wave Animation via Wavefront Parameter Interpolation

Stefan Jeschke and Chris Wojtan
IST Austria


We present an efficient wavefront tracking algorithm for animating bodies of water that interact with their environment. Our contributions include: a novel wavefront tracking technique that enables dispersion, refraction, reflection, and diffraction in the same simulation; a unique multi-valued function interpolation method that enables our simulations to elegantly sidestep the Nyquist limit; a dispersion approximation for efficiently amplifying the number of simulated waves by several orders of magnitude; and additional extensions that allow for time-dependent effects and interactive artistic editing of the resulting animation. Our contributions combine to give us multitudes more wave details than similar algorithms, while maintaining high frame rates and allowing close camera zooms.

Paper - Main Video - Additional Video

Stefan Jeschke and Chris Wojtan. ACM Trans. Graph., 34(3), April 2015