Photo of Fabian Muehlboeck Fabian Muehlboeck (Fabian Mühlböck) Postdoc Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA)
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NOTE:After my time at ISTA, I joined the School of Computing at the Australian National University. You should automatically be forwarded to my current website. You can instead go to an archival copy of this page.

About Me

I am interested in static type-checking and how to reduce the burden that it places on its users, both language designers and programmers. Most of my work focuses on gradual typing in object-oriented programming languages, but I am also interested in interactions of parsing and type checking from a language-design perspective, and in black-box runtime verification techniques that exploit unused hardware resources. I am part of the Henzinger Group.

Before coming to ISTA, I obtained a PhD in Computer Science from Cornell University (advised by Ross Tate). I have been a Fulbright Exchange Student at Northeastern University, where I obtained an M.S. in Computer Science. I got a BSc in Software and Information Engineering from TU Wien (Austria).


Gradual Typing Research Summary

Gradual Typing lets programmers decide when to use static type-checking in a program instead of the traditional all-or-nothing choice they had when choosing a language that either featured static type-checking or doesn't. However, it remains challenging to design type system features common in today's major object-oriented languages in such a way that they interact well with gradual typing, and it also remains challenging to implement gradual typing efficiently.


Getting F-Bounded Polymorphism into Shape
PLDI 2014 With Ben Greenman and Ross Tate


Efficient Runtimes for Gradual Typing
Cornell University, 2019 PhD Thesis, advised by Ross Tate
Checking Binding Hygiene Statically
Northeastern University, 2013 MS Thesis, advised by Mitchell Wand



I'm currently not teaching anything, but here is a list of classes I have helped teach before:
  • Cornell
  • Northeastern
    • CS 5010 - Program Design Paradigms
      • Fall 2012 (Head TA)
      • Spring 2012 (TA)
  • TU Wien
    • E 185.162 - Object-Oriented Programming
      • Winter 2010 (Tutor ~TA)
      • Winter 2009 (Tutor ~TA)
    • E 185.179 - Logic Programming
      • Summer 2010 (Tutor ~TA)
      • Winter 2009 (Tutor ~TA)

Other Activities

Research Community



I spend most of my non-CS time playing board- and computer games that ideally are either about trust between players or building a large economy (or both). I bake cakes, and I like skiing and hiking.