Solving relaxations of MAP-MRF problems: Combinatorial in-face Frank-Wolfe directions

Vladimir Kolmogorov.

In IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), June 2023.


We consider the problem of solving LP relaxations of MAP-MRF inference problems, and in particular the method proposed recently in (Swoboda, Kolmogorov 2019; Kolmogorov, Pock 2021). As a key computational subroutine, it uses a variant of the Frank-Wolfe (FW) method to minimize a smooth convex function over a combinatorial polytope. We propose an efficient implementation of this subproutine based on in-face Frank-Wolfe directions, introduced in (Freund et al. 2017) in a different context. More generally, we define an abstract data structure for a combinatorial subproblem that enables in-face FW directions, and describe its specialization for tree-structured MAP-MRF inference subproblems. Experimental results indicate that the resulting method is the current state-of-art LP solver for some classes of problems.


code (version 1.0)