By Herbert Edelsbrunner

Abstract: The 180 models collected in the paper are produced by sampling and wrapping point sets on tubes. The surfaces are represented as triangulated 2-manifolds and available as stl files. Each tube is obtained by thickening a circle or a smooth torus knot, and for some we use the degrees of freedom in the thickening process to encode meaningful information, such as curvature or torsion.

The paper 180 Wrapped Tubes is available in .pdf format.

Hoses Knots Tori
Norm ..........

Flat Knots
Triangle Knots
Square Knots
Pentagon Knots
Hexagon Knots.



Flat Tori
Triangle Tori
Square Tori..
Pentagon Tori
Hexagon Tori

Notes on .stl files

can download the .stl file of each shape, and you should be able to manufacture a solid model of the shape by sending its file to a 3D printer.

The .stl file is a description of the triangulated surface in ASCII. .stl stands for stereolithography format

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